Almost in that I’m not leaving tonight or anything. But this weekend I will be resuming the driving for real. Saturday night will be my last in DC and then it’s back to being on a real road trip.

No notebook to post tonight since I’ve written all of one thing in it today.

No pictures either :p

Why are families so complicated?

This is possibly not the forum best for discussing these things.

Let’s stick to the travel talk.

Williamsburg again on Sunday and maybe Monday! Because everyone was out of town last week.

Chapel Hill (maybe) Monday night!

Atlanta (YES) Tuesday!

Then… into the great unknown. By which I mean Florida. Which is possibly not unknown. And not really that great. But it is hot and sticky. And it is where I’ll be headed after ATL. I might hit up Savannah first though. Cause that would be fun. Then Tennessee after. Which really makes absolutely no sense geographically but I’ve never been there, so really why not?

I want to get apples tomorrow. Because I’m in apple country at the apple time of year. And I really, really, really want to take pictures. Of leaves and things. Because living in LA, when was the last time I got to see those doing the whole fall thing and changing colors?

I need to get a little more of the work thing done now. And then maybe go read a bit. It’s been nice to have a few seconds to do that. Reading some Dave Eggers. How is it I’ve never read him before? I’ve been a big fan of 826 & McSweeney’s for a while now. It seems silly that I’ve never read any of his work. Fixing that now though with his short story collection How We Are Hungry
which I picked up for a dollar from The Strand in NYC.

Pretty much, he’s the kind of writer I want to be.