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Days 80 & 81: ATL to Chattanooga

First of all… holy crap I made it to Day 80! And it’s now Monday so that’s… what? 12 weeks on the road? Something like that. I’m in Tennessee! I like Tennessee. I just drove up to Nashville from Chattanooga… Continue Reading →

Days 77-79: Orlando Drive-By

I’m back in Atlanta! It’s cold! When did winter happen exactly? Not quite snow times. Yet…? Orlando was good! I stayed with my good friend and her son and we hung out, caught up, did the first night of Hanukkah… Continue Reading →

Days 40 & 41: Hours of Fun and Hours of Go

That was another 14 hours in my car this weekend. The drive down to Atlanta put at over 6k miles on this trip. Driving back to Virginia is getting me well on the way to 7k. And tomorrow is 6… Continue Reading →

Days 38 & 39: Atlanta Sings the Blues

Sitting in a coffee shop Java Monkey in Decatur, ostensibly working. I think we’ve both had too much coffee. I also may be slightly full of hummus. Atlanta has been lots of work times. And hang outs with the Lauren…. Continue Reading →

Day 37: I drove to Georgia!

And then found out that I get to turn around and drive back to VA this weekend! HA! I’m incredibly amused by the turn of events. Will be driving back to Roanoke this weekend. For the job stuff. Is all… Continue Reading →

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