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2012 movie challenge

2012 Movie & Year Wrap Up

We made it! Happy New Year! 2013! Woo! Party Hats! Dudes, my brain is not working yet today. Which is fair I guess since KT and I were up watching Lord of the Rings all night last night and I… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Halloween Wrap Up

Wow, I managed to get behind on even just wrapping up the whole stupid month. Eesh. Why is life so crazy?!?! But hey, because it’s not crazy enough I’m totally trying to do NaNoWrimo again. Which I kind of try… Continue Reading →

August Movie Update

Happy Labor Day! Or post Labor Day. Or the day we all go back to work rested/hungover/sunburned… Actually I’m just full of allergies. My Labor Day was pretty tame this year. But tame in a good way. Rested, got stuff… Continue Reading →

July Movie Update

You know what suck? Summer colds suck. Just sayin. Hey, July movie update! I surprised myself by watching kind of a lot of movies last month. I think it was maybe my best month yet? I don’t know. That could… Continue Reading →

The Innkeepers

Apparently I was a little late to this party. I decided to rent The Innkeepers from Redbox which seemed like it would be easy since there are a billion Redbox machines everywhere. But The Innkeepers has been out for a… Continue Reading →

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