What it’s about.

Day 1: Nosferatu

Day 2: Carnival of Souls

Day 3: Poltergeist

Day 4: Final Destination

Day 5: Bride of Frankenstein

Day 6: An American Werewolf in London

Day 7: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Day 8: Troll & Troll 2

Day 9: The House of the Devil

Day 10: The Hitcher

Day 11: Them

Day 12: May

Day 13: The Amityville Horror

Day 14: Ghostbusters 2

Day 15: The Fly

Day 16: Lord of Illusions

Day 17: Ju-on: The Grudge

Day 18: Suspiria

Day 19: Inferno

Day 20: Black Sabbath

Day 21: Hellraiser & Hellraiser II: Hellbound

Day 22: Paranormal Activity 3

Day 23: The Pit and The Pendulum

Day 24: John Carpenter’s The Thing

Day 25: Christine & They Live

Day 26: The Shining

Day 27: Alien

Day 28: Psycho

Day 29: The Evil Dead

Day 30: Dead Alive

Day 31: The Exorcist

Guest Posts!

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Gavin on Italian Giallo and Exploitation Horror

Matthew R. Bowers on Watching Suspiria for the First Time

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