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My Newest Project: Music Video for Sleep Document “Dead Devils”

Here it is. Music video I produced, directed, and edited. If you like the music, check out Sleep Document on Bandcamp.     Thanks to Stacee White and Jason Brown for the production help.

Thinking About Character

I finally posted a new video to my horror vlog! After months of being busy (and slacking off), finding time for video making is hard… But after watching both You’re Next and Would You Rather last month, I couldn’t stop… Continue Reading →

Ghost Movies! Haunted Houses! The Conjuring!

I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow (EXCITING) and I was determined to post this video about The Conjuring before I leave in the morning. I made it yesterday! Ignore the part where I totally got the name of Legend of Hell… Continue Reading →

So What About the Slasher Movies?

I made another video! This time, I talk a bit about slashers. I also watched Scream because I still love that movie. The slasher topic came up after my last video talking about Why we watch horror movies and the… Continue Reading →

Shark Attack!

It’s Shark Week once again, which I love obviously. And apparently my dad love’s it too. Who knew. In any case, we mixed up a Shark Week appropriate cocktail over on That Bar a little while back and I feel… Continue Reading →

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