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January 17: Blackout

No movie post today.* Instead: Find out where your senator stands on SOPA: Visit Wiki’s blacked out main page and find your representative’s contact info: Now contact them! Democracy in action folks. Get involved. *I don’t support… Continue Reading →

Comment 3

This is the point where I become convinced once again that people don’t actually read things before they start talking about them. Comment: I believe life starts in the womb and no argument will make abortion a good alternative. …and… Continue Reading →

Another Comment

In my response here, I answer better the question asked in the first comment. And I want to mention that I’m not really sure where in this poster’s comment they mention any actual stats. A couple of links to articles,… Continue Reading →

Comments on an Opinion

(More comments and sharing on this and my original post still encouraged!) The downside of writing in a place like this, is that my readers are limited to more or less my friends and people I know. Not that I… Continue Reading →

In a Tizzy (about something of worth): NPR, Planned Parenthood, and the Budget.

(Comments and sharing, welcome and encouraged) I’ve been linking to things on FB all week about NPR and PBS and how the House wants to defund them. I’ve linked to 170 Million Americans in the hopes that people would look… Continue Reading →

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