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Road Trip

31 Days of Horror: Day 10: The Hitcher

A month ago when I first got the idea to do this 31 days thing, I asked everyone to recommend horror movies I should watch. One of the first people to respond was today’s special guest Adam P. Knave. To… Continue Reading →

The 100 Days Playlist

We all know that I just spent a lot of time in my car those last few months of 2010. Naturally there was a lot of music happening on my stereo. A podcast (or two or three). Even a book… Continue Reading →

I made this for you.

Well really, I made it for me. And for Katie and Jaclyn. And Adam and Steve and Inna and Naomi. But I want to share it with you too! Adventure Times may be over, but that just means it’s the… Continue Reading →

Los Angeles Returns

And I’m back. Day three in my own house, waking up in my own bed, sitting at my own desk. Finally backing up my computer and pictures. It’s weird? It feels a little surreal being back. Nothing has changed and… Continue Reading →

The Last Picture Post

Wow, dude, I managed to finish uploading my pictures from the road trip crazy. And it only took me a week! I’m a little impressed with myself. (Yes, I’ve been lazy and haven’t actually done any editing on said pictures…… Continue Reading →

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