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Planned Parenthood

I have sex.

Thanks mom for that link! I love it. In other news: I’m sick. And full of snot. It’s lame.

What will defunding Planned Parenthood do to Connecticut? –

What will defunding Planned Parenthood do to Connecticut? –   If you were possibly wondering how cutting funds to Planned Parenthood would effect other health clinics, this article is a great illustration of the ripple effect. Again, it’s not… Continue Reading →

Jon Stewart: Some of them aren’t even pregnant

The Daily Show on the House budget cuts. The Daily Show – Mother F#@kersTags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Yeah, pretty much. Jon Stewart, you make me smile.

Comment 3

This is the point where I become convinced once again that people don’t actually read things before they start talking about them. Comment: I believe life starts in the womb and no argument will make abortion a good alternative. …and… Continue Reading →

Another Comment

In my response here, I answer better the question asked in the first comment. And I want to mention that I’m not really sure where in this poster’s comment they mention any actual stats. A couple of links to articles,… Continue Reading →

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