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Day 68: Day Off in Roanoke

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself alone in a city with nothing you have to do? I don’t really know. Make something up? I had yesterday off and completely to myself. Which was weird when I haven’t… Continue Reading →

Day 67: Return of the Daily

As I sit in my hotel room eating cold pizza and drinking my coffee, it occurs to me that now that I’m about to resume the road trip portion of my travels I should also resume the daily (or at… Continue Reading →

Days 61-66: That’s a Wrap!

And here it is. The end of AYNA. Wrapped. Finished. Over. (By over, I mean almost. I’m the last man out on Monday. Stupid copier p/u…) It’s been… interesting? Unexpected? Stressful? Surreal? Weird? It’s been a number of things. I… Continue Reading →

Days 55-60: Three States in One Week

I don’t know if the notebook really covers the last week. I feel like I have a lot more to share that what I actually managed to write down. But I haven’t left my hotel room since Friday night and… Continue Reading →

Days 44 – 47: Roanoke to Tennessee

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. This past week has been incredibly hard. Personal loss combined with an accident at work (I wasn’t involved, I’m fine) combined with a lot of work to do and no days… Continue Reading →

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