What do you do when you suddenly find yourself alone in a city with nothing you have to do?

I don’t really know. Make something up?

I had yesterday off and completely to myself. Which was weird when I haven’t been alone in over a month. I mean, I’ve had some alone driving time. And I traveled early on the company moves. But that time was also filled with work. Not free time.

So yesterday I took advantage of a free day. I slept in late, went to visit Roanoke College where my parents went to school, ate ice cream, went to the Roanoke art museum, watched a movie, and packed. I also ate more cold pizza. Yum?

Relaxing day, sure. But I am so ready to be out of here. Hell, if all goes well and everything does actually get picked up by 10 AM… maybe I will leave today. I can get a lot of driving in if I’m on the road by 11 AM or so.

Not gonna count on it cause that just leads to disappointment but I’m hopeful. My fingers are crossed.

It’s my last AYNA morning! No more early wake-ups to drive out to the middle of nowhere! No more wrap boredom! Wrap is seriously my least favorite part of work. It’s. Just. So. Boring. But now it’s over! Yay!

I do kind of wish I still had a coffee maker out and working though. Oh well.