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Academy Awards

January Movie Wrap Up

Got off to an okay start with the movie watching in January. I was a bit slower than last year but I did still manage to watch a good 20 movies. And 3 of those were The Lord of the… Continue Reading →

Weekend Update: Ides of March, The Secret of Kells, and Truffaut’s Birthday

I’m alive! Wheeee! I did in fact end up watching Ides of March this weekend. Aaaand… it wasn’t my favorite? But I didn’t hate it? The performances were great, everything else was good, it was just, I don’t know, about… Continue Reading →

Oh Yeah, and the Oscars

Nomination list is out. Have to say I’m just not super excited about this year. I’m not up-in-arms pissed off or anything. Just kind of meh. If you’re curious, here they are: 2012 Academy Award Nominations List

January 18: The Artist

One of the perks of working in the film industry are these little things called screeners. They’re sent around to producers, directors, writers, etc. every year at award time and over the last few years I’ve watched a number of… Continue Reading →

The Oscars

Right. Film blog. Should talk about them I guess. Um, last night’s telecast was kind of terrible? But I did win our cocktail party’s Oscar pool (and a pack of gum!) so that was good. Sorry Jen! Really though, I… Continue Reading →

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