I’m alive! Wheeee!

I did in fact end up watching Ides of March this weekend. Aaaand… it wasn’t my favorite? But I didn’t hate it? The performances were great, everything else was good, it was just, I don’t know, about a bunch of people I really didn’t like and had a super hard time caring about. It also seemed really cynical but given the current state of politics, that part I can certainly relate to.

In any case, Gosling is good, the writing is good, the movie is fine, I just wouldn’t call it a must see. Unless you’re like me and want to see everything nominated ever.

In that spirit I also finally watched The Secret of Kells, a previous Academy Award nominee for best Animated Feature. And it’s wonderful! The artwork is absolutely enchanting. It’s available for streaming on Netflix (of course) and I highly recommend it. Great for kids to I think though there are some parts that might be scary with the Viking attacks. I just know it’s something I would have loved as a kid.

And of course, it’s Francois Truffaut’s birthday. Go watch 400 Blows! Or Jules and Jim! I might watch The Last Metro tonight. If I finish all of the million things I need to finish first. Sigh. Life. Apparently there’s a Truffaut Google Doodle today but is that only in France maybe? I don’t see it. Sad.