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Unemployed Girl

Hi! Yeah, so that’s me! Unemployed girl. Been out of the job for over a month now, which is weird, and I don’t really know why I haven’t posted anything yet. I haven’t really had time to watch any movies… Continue Reading →

April Movie Update

OK, people are asking so I’ll give you the April update. April really was even more insane than March. I managed to watch like five movies. For serious. I’m tired guys. But hey, good things are happening. Had a birthday,… Continue Reading →

February is kicking my butt. Also, Exciting Things!

Seriously, Feb is kicking my ass. And I imagine March is going to be much more of the same. I’m taking this writing class, we’re editing one short film, prepping another, I’m getting my screenplay ready for some submission things,… Continue Reading →

Post Halloween Recovery (Or something like that)

So gee, shocking, trying to watch and write about 31 movies in 31 days is exhausting. Plus work and life and whatever else it is we do with our time. I have some wrap up stuff I want to post… Continue Reading →


I AM DISEASED! Seriously, I’ve been sick for the last two weeks. Nasty virus thing that has succeeded in making me be in lots of pain and really, really cranky. Not that I’m complaining! Or, well, I guess I am…. Continue Reading →

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