OK, people are asking so I’ll give you the April update. April really was even more insane than March. I managed to watch like five movies. For serious.

I’m tired guys.

But hey, good things are happening. Had a birthday, went to Coachella, wore gold pants (Not lying! That happened!), worked a lot on screenplay stuff…

Now I’m back, a couple of deadlines for things have passed, and life is sort of getting back to normal. Whatever normal means at this point. Maybe May will be better for the movie watching. I dunno. I still have a couple of more deadlines to get through so we’ll see.

But Avengers tonight! Yay!

Anyway, here they are. My April movies:

55 4/5/2012 Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan’s Hope
56 4/10/2012 Chinatown
57 4/17/2012 Captain America
58 4/19/2012 Heathers
59 4/24/2012 The Cabin in the Woods
60 4/25/2012 Sleeping Beauty (2011)
61 4/26/2012 The Off Hours
62 4/27/2012 Here

Highlights were Comic Con, Cabin in the Woods, and Here. I loved them so hard. You should see those three. For serious.

Can I go back to bed now?