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31 Days of Horror 2014: Day 1: Beyond the Black Rainbow

I almost didn’t make it last night but I just barely managed to sit down at 11 PM (before midnight! Yay!) for some movie watching. I kicked off this year’s horror marathon with Beyond the Black Rainbow. Panos Cosmatos’s debut… Continue Reading →

Dune. Or, Sting in Metal Underpants.

I’ve been on a roll lately. Riki-Oh, John Carter… and then last night we watched Dune. Yes, the David Lynch one. And I mean, it’s maybe not a good movie. I love the book and I’m maybe not super excited… Continue Reading →

February 29: Origin: Spirits of the Past

Woo Leap Day! And a night off! Sort of! If you can count getting home from work at 9 PM as a night off… Whichever. It’s fine. It was Leap Day. Or something like that. Anyway, after I finally ate… Continue Reading →

February is kicking my butt. Also, Exciting Things!

Seriously, Feb is kicking my ass. And I imagine March is going to be much more of the same. I’m taking this writing class, we’re editing one short film, prepping another, I’m getting my screenplay ready for some submission things,… Continue Reading →

January 16: Columbiana

Um. Meh? Apparently the folks at Rotten Tomatoes agree with me.

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