Woo Leap Day! And a night off! Sort of!

If you can count getting home from work at 9 PM as a night off… Whichever. It’s fine. It was Leap Day. Or something like that.

Anyway, after I finally ate food and found beer, I settled in to watch a movie. I had sort of been in the mood to watch some Miyazaki but I’ve seen the one available on Netflix so I figured I’d give this Origin film a try. And I liked it? It was OK. The animation is gorgeous. The story is just a little light. A lot of environmental themes but not nearly enough development anywhere. Character, bad guy, back story, none of it seemed to go very deep.

But I did mostly like it and it is really pretty so whatever. If there had been more to watch, I totally would have watched it. So yeah. I watched something new. Yay.

And then I also watched the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It looks as ridiculous as you’d expect.