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31 Days of Horror 2014: Wrap Up

Wow, I pretty much failed at writing about things this year. But I guess I kind of knew that was going to happen going into it. I did okay with the movie watching, ended up watching 21 movies when all… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror 2014: Am I doing it??

I don’t know! Is the short answer. Which is ridiculous because tomorrow is October 1 so if I am continuing my tradition of 31 days of horror movies, I kind of need to decide that. Sooner rather than later. I… Continue Reading →

My New Short Film: M is for Misanthrope

I went and did a crazy thing. Well, maybe not completely crazy. But at least a little crazy. Earlier this month I was perusing Twitter, like you do, and I came across this post on Badass Digest asking Where Are… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror: Day 2: Halloween (2007)

Another remake today and Matthew Bowers, why did you let me pick this category?? Tomorrow’s movies are fun. I promise. Make sure you check out Matthew’s Day 1 of this nonsense over at He watched both versions of The… Continue Reading →

Announcing 31 Days of Horror: 2013 Edition

I’m doing it again! True story. Okay, so I know I didn’t quite make it all the way through the 31 days last year. But I did make it through a lot of them? Sort of? In any case, it… Continue Reading →

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