Wow, I pretty much failed at writing about things this year. But I guess I kind of knew that was going to happen going into it. I did okay with the movie watching, ended up watching 21 movies when all was said and done. And they were all movies I’d never seen before. Well, except for Mama which I rewatched Halloween afternoon before my mom finally got tired of all of the screaming and made me turn off the TV.

You can see my final list of all of the movies I watched here on Letterboxd.

Here are the ones I didn’t get around to writing about:

Day 21: Night of the Creeps
Day 22: MST3K Werewolf
Day 24: The Vampire Lovers
Day 26: Pontypool
Day 27: The Purge: Anarchy
Day 31: Silent House
Day 31: Mama

That’s it for this year. Hopefully I’ll be back to try again next year. Not that I won’t be watching a ton of scary movies between now and then. I always do.