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That Bar

Shark Attack!

It’s Shark Week once again, which I love obviously. And apparently my dad love’s it too. Who knew. In any case, we mixed up a Shark Week appropriate cocktail over on That Bar a little while back and I feel… Continue Reading →

I made a vlog submission for Geek & Sundry

Thanks everyone for subscribing and entering our That Bar contest! I’m really excited about the next bunch of episodes coming up and hope you guys all like them. Like, I’m seriously excited. Next week’s episode might have something to do… Continue Reading →

We’re having a That Bar Contest!

Check it out! Tomorrow we’re posting our 10th episode of That Bar and to go along with it, we’ve decided to have a little contest. It’s super easy! Simply subscribe to our Youtube channel by June 19th and you’ll be… Continue Reading →

All of the Star Trek

So I know you all know I’m a giant nerd. But in case you didn’t, I just went and got very excited about Star Trek. First, I went and joined Wrong Opinions About Movies for a special podcast on Star… Continue Reading →

Unemployed Girl

Hi! Yeah, so that’s me! Unemployed girl. Been out of the job for over a month now, which is weird, and I don’t really know why I haven’t posted anything yet. I haven’t really had time to watch any movies… Continue Reading →

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