Thanks everyone for subscribing and entering our That Bar contest! I’m really excited about the next bunch of episodes coming up and hope you guys all like them. Like, I’m seriously excited. Next week’s episode might have something to do with my favorite movie ever. But no spoilers.

Anyway, if I haven’t asked enough of you all lately, I have a vlog I submitted to Geek & Sundry for their vlogger channel and it would be super rad if you guys could go vote for me! It’s one of those “One Vote A Day” things so you can keep going back and voting! And then I can keep talking about horror movies, which you guys know I love to do.

Here’s the link:

And now I’m going to stop procrastinating and go back to my writing. Cause I’m so close to Act III and the end and crazy sh*t is starting to happen and I need to know what’s next!

Oh but also, I just read this post on Kate Noble’s blog and it was the perfect thing I needed to read today. So you guys should check it out too. Light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing. Plus, her books are some of my favorite romances happening right now. I’m seriously addicted to them. Here’s the link.

Back to the writing.