Back in 2010 I decided that I really, really, really wanted to drive around the country with no real plan past my first week of traveling. What followed was an adventure lasting almost 100 days. I traveled from Los Angeles, through the midwest to NYC, up and down the east coast, found a random job, spent Thanksgiving in Florida, and eventually made my way home through the desert. Here for your adventuring pleasure are all of my updates and posts about the trip. Enjoy

It’s October 2010 and I’m currently in the middle of a cross country road trip. Tomorrow, Monday, October 11th, will be 4 weeks to the day since I left my parents place in Carlsbad, CA and started to drive east.

I picked up my friend Katie in Phoenix, AZ and together we drove through the midwest in the general direction of New York City. Along the way we visited a farm, picked up a pumpkin, had a close encounter with a tornado and a giant spider, drank a lot of local beer everywhere, visited friends & family, and finally landed ourselves in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

We’ve kept track of it all.

Here it all is, from the beginning in Carlsbad to my current spot in D.C. to wherever it is I end up next. Contributions from Katie until I left her in NYC. Occasional input from folks along the way.


It’s now January 2011 and I’m back in LA, back at work, done with adventuring. My trip ended up lasting 96 days. Well over 100 days if you count from when I left LA until I returned shortly after New Year’s. I had planned on two months.

The trip was glorious. It was wonderful to see so many old friends, meet so many new people. I’m biding my time until I can do it again. One can dream, right? Seriously though, the last months have been an amazing experience. One of those life things.

It’s been fun sharing the journey.

The Night Before

Day 1: Adventure Time Part II

Day 2: Welcome to Kansas

Day 3: The Nebraska Farm

Day 4: We Drove to South Dakota

Days 5 & 6: St Louis to Indianapolis

Day 7: Driving to Pittsburgh

Day 8: I Made it to NYC

Days 9, 10, & 11: NYC is Bad for Posting

Day 12, 13, & 14: A Philadelphia Wedding

Days 15 & 16: Taking it slow in Brooklyn

Days 17 & 18: They’re Starting to Blur

Day 19: Thank You NY. You Haven’t Let Me Down

Day 20: Providence

Day 21: Holy Sh*t it’s been 3 Weeks

Day 22: I Can’t Keep Track of the Plans

Days 23, 24, & 25: The Unplanned in Brooklyn

Day 26: Remembering College in DC

Days 27, 28, & 29: Hopping & Hoping around VA

Days 30 & 31: Family time in Winchester

Days 32-36: Work makes me boring.

Day 37: I drove to Georgia!

Days 38 & 39: Atlanta Sings the Blues

Days 40 & 41: Hours of Fun and Hours of Go

Day 42: One of Two

Day 43: Patricia McAniff 3/16/1923 – 10/25/2010

Days 44 – 47: Roanoke to Tennessee

Days 48 – 54: I made it to Knoxville! They’re still not drinking over there?

Days 55-60: Three States in One Week

Days 61-66: That’s a Wrap!

Day 67: Return of the Daily

Day 68: Day Off in Roanoke

Day 69: Seacrest Out

Days 70-75: Thanksgiving and Family and Stuff

Day 76: Tampa

Days 77-79: Orlando Drive-By

Days 80 & 81: ATL to Chattanooga

Days 82 & 83: Nashville needs a week

Days 84-87: I don’t even remember what

Days 88-90: Days in New Orleans

Days 91 & 92: Farewell New Orleans

Days 93-96: Austin til the End

The Last Picture Post

Los Angeles Returns