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Days 93-96: Austin til the End

This is the end. Really. Sort of. By which I mean, I’m back in California. I’m done with the driving. My road trip is really, mostly over. I’m here, hanging out with my parents in Carlsbad until maybe the end… Continue Reading →

Days 91 & 92: Farewell New Orleans

You would think that with only one day left in New Orleans, I would have gone and gotten myself into a lot of trouble. It wouldn’t have been some mundane day spent on a couch, doing laundry. But look, sometimes… Continue Reading →

Days 84-87: I don’t even remember what

I really don’t remember what I did this last week. I mean, I know, I just don’t remember what day was what. When was I driving? When did I end up where? Was I really back in Chattanooga on Thursday?… Continue Reading →

Day 69: Seacrest Out

I finished work yesterday and then I drove a whole lot. That was pretty much my day. I thought about trying to get to Brunswick, GA but when I stopped for gas about an hour from Savannah I realized I… Continue Reading →

Days 40 & 41: Hours of Fun and Hours of Go

That was another 14 hours in my car this weekend. The drive down to Atlanta put at over 6k miles on this trip. Driving back to Virginia is getting me well on the way to 7k. And tomorrow is 6… Continue Reading →

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