I really don’t remember what I did this last week. I mean, I know, I just don’t remember what day was what. When was I driving? When did I end up where? Was I really back in Chattanooga on Thursday? I guess so!

This is the point where I’m glad I’ve been keeping the notebook. It’s all blurring again. There’s been a lot of driving. I went really far out of my way for hangouts. Just because. I can do these things.

I may have ended up in Greensboro for a couple of days there. Yeah… that happened…

I arrived in New Orleans last night.* I was delirious from two days of long driving, a complete lack of sleep, and too much caffeine. I probably could have driven another couple of hours and not have noticed, but once I stepped out of my car my legs shivered and it was all I could do to not fall over. It was super fun trying to hold a coherent conversation with people.

*As I’m typing this, Gary is sitting next to me narrating what he supposes I’m writing. “Dear Online Diary, This is Elissa. How are you? I’m in New Orleans.”

So here I am now, on a couch in the “Castle” where Gary and Robert are staying. Castle is not an inaccurate way to describe this place. It has a ballroom. And overlooks Audubon Park. And it’s made of stone.

I’m impressed.

Just in case I forgot how to spell “New Orleans” Gary is spelling it out for me. I think I’ve got it.

We’re going to Abita today! Yay! I will write about that. Oh, how I will write about that. I’m excited.