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Snow White and the Huntsman VS Prometheus

Before you say it: I know, it’s a weird comparison. One movie is a maybe prequel to a classic, very adult, sci fi franchise. The other is a fairy tale mired in adolescent appeal. I’m not even sure I’m going… Continue Reading →

Weekend Update: Short Films, Fellini, and Shame

How do my weekends get so busy? I don’t know. I don’t know what I do. The movies that happened this weekend: A bunch of short films! A number of this year’s Sundance Shorts are up on youtube as part… Continue Reading →

January 19: Bad Teacher & Jane Eyre

What do I do when I’m stressed out? I curl up in a ball with a bottle of wine and watch movies all night. Of course. Finally watched Bad Teacher which I thought was ok. Just ok. Not great but… Continue Reading →

Michael Fassbender is better than SOAP

Because looking at all of the people who thought SOPA was a misspelling of SOAP hurts my brain almost as much as Paula Deen does, here’s some more Michael Fassbender goodness for you: NPR: Portraying an Addict’s “Shame” And thank… Continue Reading →

Jan 1 – Jan 12: The Movies So Far

So here’s where I’m at, my first 11 movies, in the order that I’ve watched them: Cinema Paradiso – Cinema Paradiso is one of the first foreign films I remember watching. I mean, I’d seen foreign films before that. Mostly… Continue Reading →

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