How do my weekends get so busy? I don’t know. I don’t know what I do.

The movies that happened this weekend:

A bunch of short films! A number of this year’s Sundance Shorts are up on youtube as part of fan audience award or something like that. Anyway, you can go watch them there. Which you should! I mean, there’s one about debutantes with guns. Need I say more?

Friday was Fellini’s birthday so naturally I had to watch a Fellini film this weekend. I just got La Dolce Vita from Netflix. So yeah, perfect! Fellini is wonderful. You should watch his movies. If you haven’t already? Why haven’t you?!

La Dolce Vita at

And then, finally, I went and saw Shame. About time right?

Was it all I hoped it would be? Did I love it? Yeah, pretty much.

It’s rough though. After, I felt the same way as I felt after watching Revolutionary Road. All I wanted to do was go cry into a martini somewhere. Thankfully I learned from my post Revolutionary Road martini that this is maybe not the best idea and refrained from indulging in that particular impulse.

That feeling is not a bad thing though, even if it sounds that way. The movie is really great. Michael Fassbender is great. Carey Mulligan is great. As long as you can deal with the NC-17, I do recommend this. Definitely.