So here’s where I’m at, my first 11 movies, in the order that I’ve watched them:

Cinema Paradiso – Cinema Paradiso is one of the first foreign films I remember watching. I mean, I’d seen foreign films before that. Mostly cartoons and whatnot but it had happened. However, this was the first time I was conscious of the fact that I was watching something made somewhere else. With subtitles even! Watching it now, it definitely still evokes that feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia for the past it portrays in the narrative, nostalgia for my own introduction to how rich the world of cinema really is, etc. etc. It’s perfectly lovely and while I wouldn’t call it my favorite, it’s always nice to watch.

Can’t Hardly Wait – Talk about nostalgia… Maybe not the best teen movie ever (although it is pretty great) this is the one that definitely hits a lot of my high school memories. Especially the bit with the X-Files nerds. I wasn’t quite as bad as they are. I swear.

Battle Royale – Saw this one over at Cinefamily and believe you me, seeing Battle Royale in a theater is epic. I’m really sad more of you won’t get to experience this. At least you can watch the blu ray that Anchor Bay is putting out? Consolation prize?

Battle Royale Blu Ray Trailer

Blue Hawaii – Elvis! We made peanut butter & banana sandwiches! Not as disgusting as you might imagine!

X-Men: First Class – I know, I know. I’m just watching this now?! Actually, I’m kind of sad I missed this in the theater. At least I had a good excuse to make use of my new blu ray player! Or something like that. Anyway, I liked it! I mean, it’s not really amazing but it was fun. Also, Michael Fassbender. (Yes, I know I’m ridiculous. No, I will not apologize.)

Happythankyoumoreplease – I read a not great review for this one a while back and I have to admit that my expectations were pretty low. So I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t hate it! I can see where there are a couple of problems but the things the review said were bad were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Plus I finally didn’t hate Malin Ackerman! I say this because I always want to like her and yet always find myself hating the roles she ends up in.

Mao’s Last Dancer – It was OK? I enjoyed the story and the acting and definitely the dancing. I just found the structure to be really weird and confusing. I don’t normally have a problem following complicated plots, but this one lost me a couple of times.

The Corporation – Been meaning to watch this one for a while and when ANOTHER friend recommended it, I finally did. It’s a really interesting, well put together documentary. Maybe a little left leaning. Maybe. Just a little.

Tiny Furniture – So I sort of loved and hated this movie. It made me miss New York a lot. It made me miss my early twenties not at all.

Wendy and Lucy – As sad as I knew it would be! Movies about dogs are just heartbreaking on a whole other level. Especially when it’s a cute dog. And Lucy is a super cute dog. Great movie.

Centurion – Sorry. Michael Fassbender again. Have I watched all of his movies ever yet? Almost. I still need to see shame. This one I’d been meaning to watch even before Michael Fassbender obsession happened though! Cause it’s Neil Marshall and I love Dog Soldiers so much that I will watch anything Neil Marshall does ever. The Descent is wonderful as well but Centurion kind of fell more in the realm of Doomsday. Not terrible but not the best either. That’s OK though. His movies are always fun. I will keep watching them!

And this is where I’m at with the movie watching so far! What’s today’s movie gonna be? It might, maybe be something along the lines of Sam Peckinpah. Wild Bunch perhaps?

I’m excited.