That was another 14 hours in my car this weekend. The drive down to Atlanta put at over 6k miles on this trip. Driving back to Virginia is getting me well on the way to 7k. And tomorrow is 6 weeks on the road.

Last day in Atlanta was lovely. Lauren was trying real hard to convince me ATL is the place I want to be. I think she’s well on her way to succeeding. Her friends are also awesome which hurts nothing. Overall, hang outs happened and hang outs were rad.

Eventually I’ll get my butt back to LA, get my stuff figured out, and then maybe who knows. ATL will be next. I would not be unhappy about that.

I also apparently decided that if I ever get married I’m making Lauren officiate.

Today I drove up to Winchester for more family time before I get into work tomorrow. Went out to dinner at a Japanese hibachi place. Haven’t been to one of those in years. Since college maybe?

Gil was our chef. He’s Korean which makes perfect sense. He’s from Maryland but ended up in Winchester by way of Miami. Again, perfect sense! Apparently he hated Florida and the humidity. He likes the weather in LA better but had a terrible time the one time he visited. He was visiting a friend in Koreatown (Wilshire & Western) and had awful car luck. First his rental car broke down. Ten blocks after he picked it up. Then as he was driving away in his second one he was side swiped by a dude drag racing.

I guess I can understand why he was not a fan of LA.

And now I’m going to watch Gladiator, drink a beer, and get some sleep.

Tomorrow I work! No promises on notebook updates while the work thing happens. But we’ll see.