Hi! Yeah, so that’s me! Unemployed girl. Been out of the job for over a month now, which is weird, and I don’t really know why I haven’t posted anything yet. I haven’t really had time to watch any movies so that’s part of it. And I’ve been stupid busy, which is random considering the part where I have no job…

Things have been fine so far I guess. Day I found out the job was going away was pretty rough. Then the next week was weird. I was moving (I signed the lease to my new apt 2 days before I found out I lost my job. Fun?) so I actually appreciated having the time to finish packing and all that. Then after the move I was out of town a lot, I turned 30 (whoa), and April kind of just got away from me.

Now it’s May. I still have no job. Still just sending my resume around, hoping for some sort of call back, not entirely sure what it is I’m even looking for…

And filling my time with stuff that actually sort of counts as work even if it’s not currently paying me. I’m producing some stuff, I’m writing a screenplay, and I’m making this webseries thing with Gina & Rachael. That’s enough to more than fill up my days, I promise.

But hey, if you haven’t seen our webseries yet, you should check it out! It’s very silly. And there are drinks. We all know how I feel about drinks.

I’m going to try and post more here again I think. It’s a great way to procrastinate from the screenplay writing. Which right now is making me want to punch things. So yeah, I’m procrastinating. I can’t tell if that’s helping with the punchiness or not yet. I’ll let you know.

Stuff, things. I need a job. I guess.