I don’t know!

Is the short answer.

Which is ridiculous because tomorrow is October 1 so if I am continuing my tradition of 31 days of horror movies, I kind of need to decide that. Sooner rather than later. I love my month long marathon of scares and gore, but this year I’m just finding myself busy and slightly overwhelmed by life. I’d hate to commit to the month only to fizzle out a week in.

I do know that if I go ahead with another year, it will probably be lighter than my previous attempts. Although to be fair, I didn’t exactly write about all of my movie watching in 2012. And last year I didn’t finish my list either.

I didn’t make a list this year. Since I know I’m crunched for time, I’m basically just planning on going through Netflix and Amazon Prime and watching whatever scary movie comes up. I might also hopefully catch a few new ones in the theater (Annabelle! The Guest!!!!). I’m also going to try for 31 movies I haven’t seen before. Previous years it’s always been a mix of new and rewatching old favorites. This year I’m going for all new.

So we’ll see. I don’t have a real plan, I’m just going to wing it. I’ll post here when I can. You can also find me on Letterboxd.com where I at least log everything I’m watching.

Know of anything good streaming on Netflix? Or Hulu? Amazon Prime? Let me know! I’m taking recommendations. Always.

Are you doing your own 31 days (or nights) or horror? What are you watching or looking forward to? Share your links!

You can also always find me on twitter for all of the updates.


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