Seriously, Feb is kicking my ass. And I imagine March is going to be much more of the same. I’m taking this writing class, we’re editing one short film, prepping another, I’m getting my screenplay ready for some submission things, umm… I don’t know. Life sometimes happens? I’m going camping this weekend…

I’ve been trying to watch The Stranger for the last week and keep catching it in twenty minute intervals. Maybe I’ll finish it today?

But I have exciting things to tell you!!

OK, well, one of those exciting things is really just a teaser of an Exciting Thing that I’m going to announce soon. Soon-ish. But stay tuned. I have an Exciting Thing to tell you. STAY TUNED I WILL HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT. I know you’re all dying to know what I’m talking about. I’ll tell you soon. I swear.

The second Exciting Thing is a real, right now exciting thing.

There’s a trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s Comic Con movie! You should watch it!

I know I don’t often talk about my actual work, but here’s one I’m really excited to have been a part of. In the middle of working another job, I took off ten days to go down and be a PA on this doc. It was a week of madness, running around, comics, and fun. I’m really excited to see this one and see the part of it that I worked on. But also the thing as a whole. It was a kind of surreal experience (in the middle of a very surreal year).

I’m excited. About Things.