Right. Film blog. Should talk about them I guess.

Um, last night’s telecast was kind of terrible? But I did win our cocktail party’s Oscar pool (and a pack of gum!) so that was good. Sorry Jen!

Really though, I just find myself not really caring all that much about the Oscars. It just seems that every year I’m either disappointed by the nominees or the winners or both. Or even when a film or actor or director or whomever I like wins, what does it really mean anyway? The awards are so mired in politics and campaigning that you start to wonder exactly what the winning choices are based on. How good a film is? Or how shiny their ad in Variety came out?

Then of course I end up watching them every year. And every year my friends ask who I think the winner will be. Somehow I managed to guess 13 categories last night (and when I say guess, I mean that literally. Quite a few of my choices were made by what was the equivalent of throwing a dart at a map and seeing where it lands). And I was still wrong on Best Picture. I’m pretty much always wrong on Best Picture.

I’m also still bitter on all topics relating to Titanic unless you’re talking about production design. And maybe costumes.

The show itself was terrible last night. James Franco and Anne Hathaway had no chemistry and most of the night just felt awkward. There were a few stand out moments but overall the production fell flat. The night didn’t feel long but I think credit for that goes to the cocktails and spinach dip rather than the show itself.

The little party I was at was fun, it’s hard to go wrong with a group of girls and bottle of wine. The award show itself was forgettable. I’d say maybe they’ll do better next year, but I can’t really bring myself to care.