As I sit in my hotel room eating cold pizza and drinking my coffee, it occurs to me that now that I’m about to resume the road trip portion of my travels I should also resume the daily (or at the very least, every other day) posting of my notebook.

When I’m not working I certainly have a lot more I can and do say. Of course, I’m sure whatever day this week I end up driving a whole f*ck of a lot down to S FL I won’t have much to say. But whatever. You get my point.

So here’s yesterday. Where I got new brake pads (ugh, but about as much $ as I expected), watched Harry Potter (yay, but what’s up with the gratuitous naked?), and ate pizza on my bed while I backed up my computer onto a new external (finally, Best Buy sales FTW).

Aren’t you glad I decided to share all that?

Only things that would improve this hotel (my room is kinda swank) would be a microwave and free wifi. When you’re in a place for a week+ you really come to appreciate the availability of means to heat and/or cook food. You also really come to appreciate not having to pay $10 a day for internets.

Thanks Holiday Inn for having free wifi and a strong signal…

Day 67