I’m just going to go ahead and say it. This past week has been incredibly hard. Personal loss combined with an accident at work (I wasn’t involved, I’m fine) combined with a lot of work to do and no days off. It’s enough to leave anyone feeling drained.

I’m coping and moving through it but work is getting about all I’ve got left at the moment. It’s fine, I like this job and I’m meeting great people. The locations are wonderful.

I’m just tired. It’s understandable but yeah. There it is.

Here’s last week’s notebook. I’ll most likely just post again at the end of the week with whatever I manage to write down over the next few days. While I’m working there’s really a limit to how much I’m at liberty to share. I’m also just super busy and writing to myself has to take a backseat.

I still at least manage a thought or two… Impressed? I am.