In my response here, I answer better the question asked in the first comment. And I want to mention that I’m not really sure where in this poster’s comment they mention any actual stats. A couple of links to articles, yes. But statistics?

Also, nobody at all responded to my question about viable alternatives to PP or other Title X funded programs.

Comment: I still don’t understand why Planned Parenthood has to be funded. It’s not like they provide free anything. Their clients have to pay for the services they are given. Yet, speaking of statistics, the organization does not have the cleanest record as far as reporting crimes against underage females. The fact that it seems to be the standard of parctice to clean these girls up to go out and prostitute themselves instead of freeing them from the lifestyle is unforgivable.

If you need more statistics, I have plenty more.

My Response: They provided subsidized care. And depending on where in the states you are, they do provide free care. When I was unemployed in California all I had to do was fill out some paperwork and I could receive free care. If you call them and explain your situation, they will help you.

And Planned Parenthood isn’t perfect. It’s an organization run by humans and humans sometimes do stupid things. But overall what they accomplish is good and the services they provide are important.

I also want to emphasize again that it’s not just Planned Parenthood under attack. It’s programs to prevent teen pregnancy. It’s Title X as a whole. Title X which funds not only Planned Parenthood but other community health centers, tribal organizations, hospitals, and even faith based organizations.

Title X:

A few more stats on Planned Parenthood specifically, since that was asked for in the first comment:

Percentage of Planned Parenthood health care clients
-age 20 and older: 79
-with incomes at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level: 75
-who receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy: 83
-who receive abortion services: 12

But seriously, I know you can provide other stats. And I can offer up more than the ones I already have. It’s why I don’t really care to get into the stats game.

My point is, is that this funding is vital to women’s health, reproductive health, and family planning across the country. It’s one of the few options for the underserved, the people who can’t afford health insurance, and those living in poverty.

How about this? What are the viable alternatives for these health services?