This is the point where I become convinced once again that people don’t actually read things before they start talking about them.

Comment: I believe life starts in the womb and no argument will make abortion a good alternative.

…and they, Planned Parenthood, continue to push abortions through mandate.

Thankfully, true, full service, non referral to abortion for their cut of the trade, are fighting against the mandate and some changing name away from Planned Parenthood.

in your opening you talked about hanger abortions… hey, check out what this “legal” abortionist has been up to last month and the charges against him for murder for botching abortions and check out his history. Only in it for the dollar!!

Some pretty sick stuff and you want your dollars referring kids to people like this?

There are many options that need be explored first before the “quick fix,” abortion!!

(Not to be snarky, but since when does half through a piece count as “in your opening”?)

My response: I agree that no one should be forced to perform an abortion if they are morally opposed to it. If that’s how the people running that health center feel, I think it’s fine that they’ve separated themselves from Planned Parenthood and it’s great that they’re able to continue to operate and provide affordable reproductive health care.

Where does their funding come from?

Donations sure. But also Medicaid and other government funds and grants. They too will be hurt by proposed cuts.

Or how about Colorado? For over a decade Colorado has prohibited Title X funds to go to Planned Parenthood or other clinics providing abortion services. There the funds go mainly to health department clinics. With these cuts, all of those health clinics that have nothing to do with abortion will lose funding.

As for your second article, that man was not operating legally at all. And he is not affiliated with Planned Parenthood. What he did was disgusting and inexcusable. He should go to jail, at the very least, for a very, very long time. I wouldn’t be sad if they locked him up and lost the key.

Don’t get me started on that article and this person’s comments regarding it. What I said in my response was about all I could say and still keep things civil.