I’ve now told you all I’m doing another 31 Days of Horror and that this year’s theme is the Haunted House. So what’s gonna happen now?! What’s this wild and crazy month going to be all about?!

Here’s where I tell you that part!

Like last year, my plan is to post about a movie a day for the entire month of October. 31 days, 31 movies. Except maybe for the days that I write about more than one movie. You know, when there are remakes and stuff. That might happen. So 31 days, at least 31 movies. Maybe more. You might get lucky.

Also like last year, I have some other fun stuff happening. Like guest posts! And surprises!

Or maybe not surprises. But video posts. There are totally gonna be video posts.

Like this one where I’m explaining what my 31 Days of Horror is all about!

I think you get the point. Onto the theme!

Haunted House.

Or sometimes just ghosts. But mostly Haunted House.

What makes a movie a Haunted House movie? Generally, there is a house and it is scary and it also happens to be filled with ghosts.

Um, I guess that was pretty obvious actually.

What am I counting as Haunted House movies? Eh, anything that fits the above description. And then some. What I really want are movies that feature a location strongly in their premise. The horror story couldn’t happen just anywhere, it’s tied to a physical spot. So houses, insane asylums, cabins in the woods, these things all count.

Some of the movies on my list aren’t Haunted House movies. Some are just ghost stories. And some, it’s arguable if they’re even that. I mean, I’m not super strict about these things. But they do all fit together with the theme in some way and I’ll make sure to point out why I’ve decided to include all of the movies I post about this next month.

If you’re reading this before Oct 1st, there’s still time for you to vote in my poll and help me finalize my list! And as always, please leave comments, make suggestions, explain to me why I’m wrong. A big part of the fun of doing this is sharing it all with you.

And that’s it. Another year of 31 days of madness. Here we go!