You know what suck? Summer colds suck. Just sayin.

Hey, July movie update! I surprised myself by watching kind of a lot of movies last month. I think it was maybe my best month yet? I don’t know. That could be a lie. I haven’t actually counted.

The movie count is now at 121 with 85 of those being movies I’d never seen before.


The Amazing Spider-man (I loved Andrew Garfield, whatever else was going on with that movie).
Magic Mike (MagicMikeMagicMikeMagicMike!!!!!!!1)
Back to the Future Marathon (duh)
Ruby Sparks
The Innkeepers
Watching The Iron Giant again cause that movie always makes me smile.
The Dark Knight Rises. I guess? I mean, I liked it. And the IMAX was great. So yeah, The Dark Knight Rises can be a highlight.

Not Highlighted:
Something Borrowed. What was going on with this one? It was all over the place and really, really oddly paced. Not my favorite.
I Spit on Your Grave. Yes, the original one. I tried. This is just not my genre.

And that’s it. Here’s the full list:
7/2/2012 Sucker Punch
7/3/2012 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
7/5/2012 The Amazing Spider-Man
7/7/2012 An American Werewolf in London
7/8/2012 Hot Tub Time Machine
7/9/2012 Magic Mike
7/11/2012 Something Borrowed
7/16/2012 In Time
7/18/2012 Back to the Future
7/18/2012 Back to the Future II
7/19/2012 The Others
7/19/2012 The Woman in Black
7/20/2012 Chronicle
7/20/2012 Ruby Sparks
7/22/2012 I Spit on Your Grave
7/26/2012 Back to the Future III
7/26/2012 The Iron Giant
7/27/2012 The Innkeepers
7/28/2012 Mirror Mirror
7/29/2012 The Dark Knight Rises
7/31/2012 What’s Your Number?

And then I googled pictures for Magic Mike and was distracted forever.