Happy Labor Day! Or post Labor Day. Or the day we all go back to work rested/hungover/sunburned… Actually I’m just full of allergies. My Labor Day was pretty tame this year. But tame in a good way. Rested, got stuff done, hung out with friends. All of that good stuff.

Hey, August Movie Update!

I did horribly in August.

But I was really busy. Writing. And watching all of Doctor Who.

I still love David Tennant.

I’m really excited to now re-watch all of Matt Smith.

And watch the new season.


August Movies:

8/1/2012 Iron Man 2
8/2/2012 Junkopia
8/7/2012 Reservoir Dogs
8/10/2012 Game Change
8/11/2012 American Reunion
8/14/2012 The Others
8/19/2012 The Hunger Games
8/21/2012 The Big Lebowski
8/23/2012 Truman Show
8/25/2012 Paranorman
8/26/2012 The Haunting of Whaley House
8/28/2012 Go

New totals: 133 movies watched, 91 I’d never seen before.

So far this month I’ve watched Dirty Dancing and Gone With The Wind. Gone With The Wind is really long btw. In case you’ve forgotten.

Also had an interesting discussion/rant fest with a friend about Dark Knight Rises. He hated it, I didn’t. But I really couldn’t argue with any of his points cause he was right about everything. It just bothered him more than it did me. But I hated Prometheus more. So there’s that?

I’m really out of it. Allergies. Even my boss noticed. You know it’s bad then.

For those of you not at the beach, here’s some Labor Day Sunsets for you:

Labor Day Sunset

And a little bit later: