And then found out that I get to turn around and drive back to VA this weekend! HA!

I’m incredibly amused by the turn of events.

Will be driving back to Roanoke this weekend. For the job stuff. Is all good. I actually really enjoy the traveling even if I have occasionally gotten a little tired on this trip. So excuses to do more are always welcome.

Driving to Atlanta yesterday was… fun? Mostly I sat in the backseat of my car and worked. Sometimes I napped. Mostly lots of internets happened on my phone. Smart phones are rad like that. I get things done even driving through South Carolina.

Technology is neat.

Then I got to Atlanta! And met Lauren at a coffee shop for more work stuffs.

There was awesome drama next to us when a guy trying to leave the neighboring gated apartment building with his Corgi couldn’t get the gate open. It went from dude ineffectually punching at a key pad, to toddler on the street waving at the Corgi while her dad tried to assist, to police officer scratching his head at the predicament, to firemen showing up, to fireman jumping the fence, to finally an hour later someone got the gate open.

The little girl was cute. She was trying to eat her plastic toy cell phone.

The Corgi was also cute but I’m pretty sure that’s just kind of the rule for Corgis. OMG if you google Corgis you get the CUTEST pictures ever. It proves my rule.

I’m running away from my computer now and going to drink tasty cocktails while being a huge nerd. Possibly with things like Halo… this happens.