First of all… holy crap I made it to Day 80! And it’s now Monday so that’s… what? 12 weeks on the road? Something like that.

I’m in Tennessee! I like Tennessee. I just drove up to Nashville from Chattanooga and seriously, why did no one tell me how pretty this drive was going to be? Okay, once you start getting close to Nashville, the last half hour or so is kinda boring. But before that, it’s great. There are mountains and rivers and bridges and great views. I drove to the top of a mountain! It’s true.

Last day in Atlanta was good. Hang outs, computer time, high tea, brilliant food. More good beer and tasty cheese. I’m going to miss having Lauren time. I need more of that in my life (her Jeremy is pretty rad too!).

I eventually left for Chattanooga on Saturday and made pretty good time getting there. Julie and I had more beer, she showed me around downtown a bit, and then Saturday night we went out for a good old fashioned girl’s night. It was fun! There was dancing! The DJ played On A Boat!

Really, he did. It was cool.

Yesterday was just a chill day. We eventually wandered out for coffee and food shaped things. She showed me the Art Museum. At least, she showed me the outside of it. We may have arrived too late to actually go in. Oops. We were just in time to see the snow flurries though.

I really did not plan on traveling this long. I probably would have packed a scarf otherwise. And maybe a couple of sweaters. You know, weather appropriate clothing. I only threw the gloves in my suitcase as an after thought. You can bet I’m glad I did.

I have now made plans for my next week and a half, getting me from Nashville to New Orleans and eventually as far as Austin, TX. With several stops in between.

I may be back in LA by Christmas for reals. Crazy.