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November 2010

Day 76: Tampa

Prepare yourself. I’m about to talk about really good beer. And food. Ready? (Notebook featuring special guest appearance by my gracious hostess and good friend Jess) “How’s Florida?” My friend in LA asked me last night as I was driving… Continue Reading →

Days 70-75: Thanksgiving and Family and Stuff

I start to take it for granted that everyone has wireless internet now. This isn’t true! Crazy. Been without it for, like, five whole days. And I survived! But I guess there wasn’t internet in the farmhouse in Nebraska either…. Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

At the risk of being overly sentimental, I’m incredibly thankful for everything this crazy trip has brought me. This year I’m thinking of all the friends and family I’ve been lucky enough to see, the wonderful people I’ve met, and… Continue Reading →

Day 69: Seacrest Out

I finished work yesterday and then I drove a whole lot. That was pretty much my day. I thought about trying to get to Brunswick, GA but when I stopped for gas about an hour from Savannah I realized I… Continue Reading →

Day 68: Day Off in Roanoke

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself alone in a city with nothing you have to do? I don’t really know. Make something up? I had yesterday off and completely to myself. Which was weird when I haven’t… Continue Reading →

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