I’m back in Atlanta! It’s cold! When did winter happen exactly?

Not quite snow times. Yet…?

Orlando was good! I stayed with my good friend and her son and we hung out, caught up, did the first night of Hanukkah thing. Why are there so many ways to spell Chanukah? I’ve never figured that out.

Missy and I have known each other for a million years. I’m pretty sure she is my oldest friend who I’ve kept in constant touch with. It’s to the point where I feel like she’s an extension of my family and I miss her dearly when we only get to see each other once or twice a year.

It seems like a fair test of friendship when you can go for extended periods of time and just pick up exactly where you left off. It feels like no time has passed until we start to try and remember exactly when the last time we saw each other was. Memory gets tricky and we start to feel old. Even if we’re really not yet.

27 feels like a very young/old place.

It was also really nice to be somewhere to celebrate the first night of Hanukah. A few of her friends came over, I managed to not completely muck up eggless latkas, and the kids all opened their presents. I never expected the pleasure that is watching toddlers open presents.

Missy works during the day so I had Wednesday to myself. I decided that kayaking would be a great way to spend the day. Seriously! I did! I ventured out to Wekiwa State Park, just outside of Orlando, and rented myself a kayak for a couple of hours. I just paddled down the river, checked out wildlife, ran into a branch (or two… or three…), and somehow managed to not tip over. There were a ton of turtles, a billion birds, fish, and I even saw an alligator who was hanging out at the bottom of the river. I never would have seen him if I hadn’t been so busy staring at the fish. It was awesome.

And now I’m back in Atlanta. Yesterday was kind of a long day of driving a lot on 75. I swear I remember there being more billboards for strippers the last time I drove up that road. I also remember more Jesus billboards. I guess if you lose one, there’s less of a need for the other? I’m not sure which direction that works in…

Last night was fun though! We went to Brick Store for tasty pub type food and good beers. I’ve so many different beers on this trip. I love it. Their beer menu is really impressive too, even if the Belgians are dominated by Noels at the moment. I tried the Scaldis Noel which was spicy and good, if a touch sweeter than I was really in the mood for. Jeremy’s Blaugie La Moneuse Speciale Noel was more to my liking. Lauren tried the Gouden Carolous Noel which was Whoa! Cherry. With dinner I had the Victory Yakima Glory which was kinda a kick in the face IPA. Worked really nice with my veggie gyro pita sandwich.

I like food and beer. It’s true.

But now Lauren and I are about to have high tea at a tea shop and I’m really excited about that too. I’m also having a bit of a hard time typing since I cut my left index finger. On a hairdryer. Don’t ask. Please.

I’m gonna go now.