I still have adventures but I’m boring.

Wandered around Winchester more with the family stuff. Returned to DC. Friends had a dance party that was complete college throw back. I’m talking furniture rearranged for a dance floor that was quickly covered in beer, smoke machine, solo cups, punch in a pumpkin, lack of clothing, and silly antics ensuing kind of party.

Also the kind of party that leaves me hating life the next morning. Until Justin suggests I get a chocolate milkshake which I’m convinced was the best idea ever.

Sunday & Monday Williamsburg happened. Visited professors, got a quick tour of the new (and impressive) media center. I remember the days when video production happened in a closet in the basement of the English building. We called it Xanadu.

Elizabeth was a wonderful host and I had a lovely time hanging out, chatting, and petting her awesome pup Grendel. Watched the Red Violin which turned out to be the perfect recommendation for the evening.

Yesterday I worked a lot. And then drove to North Carolina with Seth and Carly. Crashed with Alison in Chapel Hill and got a brief tour of the quiet Monday night scene. A photo booth may have happened.

Now we’re on our way to Atlanta.  I’m sitting in the backseat doing some more work. Which at the moment mostly consists of waiting for people to call me back.