Up in Winchester after a debacle of a drive through rush hour DC this AM. Family stuff has happened and everything is A-OK. So yay for that!

I mean, it’s still stuff but it’s stuff that is working out for the best. And it’s really good that I was in the area. And it’s good my mom came in. Family stuff. Ya know.

Oh yeah! I also can’t forget to say thanks again to Lauren for being a rockstar and helping out with the hotel situation. It was a huge help!

Last two days have basically been family and work. Kinda lots of work.

Everything is working itself out and it looks like I’ll be back in DC on Sat. Have workin to do that afternoon and then maybe some party times Sat night. I think then Sunday I may get back on the road. I think it’s a good time to start driving again.

I might even get back to LA in the next two weeks or so! What an idea. Crazy.

Other stuff happened yesterday. Like trivia at a bar. And then a visit to a strip club. Dudes, DC strip club was way creepier than Portland strip. Less creepy than Phoenix though. Just sayin.

Also, why is Lady Gaga playing EVERYWHERE???? Eesh.