Three days in New Orleans. That’s where I’m at.

This is where I’m at. Sitting on a couch at The Castle, watching The Social Network, and doing laundry.

I leave in the morning for the rest of my drive home. It’s sunny out and I should probably get outside at some point. There’s a spot in the park I want to check out. Yesterday I took pictures of a rainbow.

Saturday was Abita day. Abita Brewery is rad! The tour is kinda weak, they literally take you in point out two things, talk a little bit about hops, and you’re done. But that’s okay… Before you begin they give you cup, point at the bar, and say Go to it. I tried several beers, settled on the Andy Gator. The Golden was too buttery but the Christmas was also good.

After Abita I went to sleep. For five hours. When I finally was up and about we wandered out to the French Quarter, it rained, we drank beer and wandered. I failed at finding music but hopefully that will happen tonight.

Other New Orleans things! Gumbo Fest, good food, street cars, Audubon Park, fancy cocktails, cemetery wandering, picture taking.

Oh yeah, and I got my hair chopped off. It was time.

After laundry I should go outside. I haven’t made it over to Frenchmen Street yet this trip. I should go there. I should also probably put my wet clothes in the dryer.