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Road Trip

Day 21: Holy Sh*t it’s been 3 weeks

I’ve officially been on the road, out of Cali, for three weeks now. It feels like longer. And I guess it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m really doing this. After only 3 weeks. Right. My plan has changed!… Continue Reading →

Day 20: Providence

Still looking for a partner in crime to drive with me to DC on Tuesday. Come on guys, you know you want to! Took a minute to get out of Brooklyn yesterday. I mean, I still needed to have a… Continue Reading →

Want to ride share to DC?

I’ll post more notebook tomorrow when I get some internets figured out. In the meantime. Goodbye NYC! I had a lot of fun in you. Hi Providence! You’re kinda cute. Also, if anyone wants a ride to DC. Or from… Continue Reading →

Day 19: Thank you NY! You haven’t let me down.

I get into trouble in NYC. It’s true. The suggestion has been made that I start The Make Out Challenge. The challenge being that I have to make out with someone in every city I stop in for a visit…. Continue Reading →

Help me get to Canada!

Because I’ve never been to Canada and that’s what this trip is all about. Looking at the map, if I were to head up to the Northeast and Canada, I’ll be adding at least another 1,000 miles to the trip… Continue Reading →

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