I get into trouble in NYC. It’s true.

The suggestion has been made that I start The Make Out Challenge. The challenge being that I have to make out with someone in every city I stop in for a visit. Or if I fail to make out with someone, I have to make out with Jeffrey. Katie’s pumpkin.

This is a terrible idea.

Jeffrey was my date tonight. We have not made out yet. What kind of girl do you think I am? Making out on the first date… Geez!

Tomorrow I hit the road and head to Providence to visit Kathryn. Yay! New York has been wonderful but I’m ready to get some driving done. Bagels will definitely have to happen here first though. I can’t leave Brooklyn without a bagel.

Other highlights of today: General hung overness, getting my car an oil change, the awesome people who worked at the place I got the oil change, witnessing the Chinese Culinary Competition in Times Square, amazing NYC pizza, hang outs with Mike and Sheera and Adam & Larissa. And I guess coming up with The Make Out Challenge.


I’m not really doing that.