I’ve officially been on the road, out of Cali, for three weeks now. It feels like longer. And I guess it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m really doing this. After only 3 weeks. Right.

My plan has changed!

Instead of leaving for DC tomorrow stupid early, I’m going to be staying in Providence an extra couple of nights. Craigslist has come through for me and I’ve found a job doing some data entry for a business a town over. I think the hardest part about this is going to be figuring out what on earth I’m actually going to wear into an office. I pretty much have jeans and t-shirts and a bridesmaid dress with me. Possibly not office appropriate?

When I do finally make it down to DC I would still love to have some company for the ride! Just sayin.

I was really going to write more about stuff but my mind is kind of blank today. The reality of being on the road for three weeks with no work has been fully hitting me all morning and it’s a little scary. This little job is very welcome in the timing.

Hey but speaking of jobs… apparently I can’t be a phone sex operator because I don’t have a land line old fashioned telephone. Damn it technology!

Our dinner last night was really good though.