Still looking for a partner in crime to drive with me to DC on Tuesday. Come on guys, you know you want to!

Took a minute to get out of Brooklyn yesterday. I mean, I still needed to have a bagel before I left NYC. And the weather was just AMAZING. Had to enjoy that. And there was a small errand to run into the city.

But then I was on the road! It was a ridiculously easy drive actually. Few hours straight up and then I was in Rhode Island.

Providence is cute! I think I said that already but it bears repeating. I have pictures but I think I may be lazy today and post those later. Kathryn and I wandered around downtown for a while looking at lots of closed shops and into lots of empty windows. She has lots of stories about the city to share. It’s sort of sad walking through downtown though and seeing how much of the storefronts have nothing in them. The city has started doing these “art windows” with some cool looking installations but I’m not sure that doesn’t just draw more attention to the fact that the businesses are leaving.


From Rebecca Siemering, Director, Providence Art Windows – “We have several partners around town who want to participate and have a window they make free, so it is a continuous loop to tour the great architecture and flavor of the city of Providence.”

Check out the comments on this post for more info and visit their website Providence Art Windows

It looks like a really cool initiative to bring life and creativity and color to an area of the city with some wonderful (and, I maintain, cute) architecture. So really it’s bringing an emphasis to how the city is being revitalized.

Okay, yeah. /EDIT

It is a pretty city though. And I enjoy the fact that there is very visible culture. It’s also a college town. Although we have yet to get out to the bars. Tonight perhaps? She has promised to take me to the grad bar. (She’s a grad student here at Brown)

We had dinner at AS220 and OMG it’s f’ing good. Eat here if you ever find yourself hungry in Providence. Hell, eat here even if you’re not hungry. It’s worth it.

After watching an, ah, interesting video art project for a bit we were content to head back to her place for good beer (Rhody Coyote Hard Apple Cider – which I’m usually not a cider lover but YUM) and movie times (Touching the Void). I love nerd times.

Parking in Providence is weird.