After I mentioned not being super excited about Anna Karenina the other day, Matthew asked me to join him and Kristy Puchko from Cinema Blend to talk about the movie on the Wrong Opinions About Movies podcast and about why we loved/hated/felt otherwise about it. I’m actually the only one that didn’t really love it but that’s cool. I don’t mind being the Wrong Opinion on occasion. Check out the podcast, it was a really fun one to record even if I was the lone voice of dissent.

The podcast is up here and you should give it a listen! Plus Matthew is going to be recording other little mini episodes about movies in theaters during this holiday season. So if you’re trying to figure out what to go see, he might have some tips.

In life news, I’m going to see The Boss play tonight in Anaheim. Which is a little unexpected but completely awesome. What can I say, for better or worse I will always be a New Jersey girl at heart.

In non-dairy news, it’s going well. I miss pizza. And I was a little sad not ordering the butternut squash soup for lunch. Cause you know, cream. But I did get the Red Lentil which is always good. I love soup.

Red Lentil Lunch.

There are some other exciting things happening that I should be able to share soon. But for now, I need to get back to writing. I’m fighting through this Act II. It’s hideous and it makes me want to:

a) hit my head against a wall
b) drink heavily
c) all of the above.

So yeah. Back to that.